Saturday, December 20, 2008

It Tickles!

I was stumbling around the internet using StumbleUpon when Ashlyn comes up to me with Emily's back massager that we got the other night because Emily has this chronic pain in a muscle that is right below her right shoulderblade (I also like it because it works very well for my bad shoulders). She has it bouncing off her head at low speed and is giggling. I kinda roll my eyes at her and chuckle inwardly to myself. A few minutes later, she is talking with it on her throat and laughing at the sillyness of her vibrating voice. I again chuckle inwardly to myself and carry on with my browsing. A few minutes after that, she is just giggling so I turn to see what is so funny.

I am sure you guessed where this was going to end up from the beginning, but there stood my five year old daughter looking like a character right out of Harry Potter astride her new Nimbus 2000 giggling uncontrollably. "It tickles!" she announced with glee.

With a palm planted against my forehead, I sent her off to show momma.