Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cats and Dogs

So, I told Ashlyn that really old joke about raining cats and dogs. You know... the one that goes, "What do you have to watch out for when it is raining cats and dogs?" Ashlyn had no idea what the answer might be, so I answered up, "Stepping in poodles!"

She thought about it for a second and said, "Not poodles! You have to watch out for chihuahuas! They're much meaner!"

Thursday, August 20, 2009


After Emily and Ashlyn finished playing some buried treasure game on the computer, Ashlyn had this to say:

"You are gonna tell your dear friends at work that you were eaten by a Cheeto, and they are gonna say 'AHHHH! IT'S THE SPIRIT OF EMILY, and run out of the building!'"

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Old Brains

We were on our way home from Walmart (I think that is where we were coming from...) when we came across a car that was halfway into a left turn at the intersection crossing the freeway. They decided to go without the arrow, and sorta got stuck waiting on all the traffic to go through. I slowed to a stop waiting for the guy to get out of the way, when Ashlyn inrmed us from the back seat, "I know why they are not good drivers. It is because they are old people. Their brains are old."

My thoughts exactly. At least I think they are my thoughts.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

So, this has nothing to do with my daughter...

So.. I have had to spend roughly $1,000 on my car over the past month or so to get some old bugs worked out, get the horn replaced, and get the clutch replaced. Needed to get all this lined out so I could FINALLY get the thing inspected after being out since November. I have decided, right before Christmas is a crappy time to have to get a car inspected because if you do have to get something fixed first, you have NO MONEY thanks to Christmas. Anyways. So, I went to get it inspected and FAILED because the damn high beam lamp on the passenger side decided to, at that particular moment, STOP WORKING. I ran to Walmart and bought a new one, plugged it in, NOTHING. Took it back to the shop and they had to track down what was wrong with the electrical system. Got that fixed yesterday. This evening we had to go see my wife's grandfather, so I couldn't take it back to get it inspected, and on the drive home (on highway 19 just outside of Crockett) we hit a poor "garbage bag" (ie: Labrador retriever) going about 65 and there goes my front bumper, inner wheel well, right turn indicator, license plate, radiator, etc.

I blame George W. Bush.

Update: Well, I found out that my insurance will cover all the costs to fix this and won't total my poor old car out. We just have to pay the $200 deductible, which ends up not being as bad as we thought that was going to be either. I wish I could get the entire car repainted, but I bet they will just match the color up as best they can. Oh well. Maybe I should think about selling the thing after this and see if I can get a deal of the century on a new car?

Saturday, December 20, 2008

It Tickles!

I was stumbling around the internet using StumbleUpon when Ashlyn comes up to me with Emily's back massager that we got the other night because Emily has this chronic pain in a muscle that is right below her right shoulderblade (I also like it because it works very well for my bad shoulders). She has it bouncing off her head at low speed and is giggling. I kinda roll my eyes at her and chuckle inwardly to myself. A few minutes later, she is talking with it on her throat and laughing at the sillyness of her vibrating voice. I again chuckle inwardly to myself and carry on with my browsing. A few minutes after that, she is just giggling so I turn to see what is so funny.

I am sure you guessed where this was going to end up from the beginning, but there stood my five year old daughter looking like a character right out of Harry Potter astride her new Nimbus 2000 giggling uncontrollably. "It tickles!" she announced with glee.

With a palm planted against my forehead, I sent her off to show momma.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Little Friend

Hair Products

So, I was standing at the bathroom door waiting to take a hand load of hair bows and other girlie things in, when I heard Ashlyn exclaim, "It's like this thing is having a baby or something! It won't come out! Sheesh!" in response to Emily asking her if she had finished washing her hair.

Apparently conditioner is not very cooperative.