Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Little Friend

Hair Products

So, I was standing at the bathroom door waiting to take a hand load of hair bows and other girlie things in, when I heard Ashlyn exclaim, "It's like this thing is having a baby or something! It won't come out! Sheesh!" in response to Emily asking her if she had finished washing her hair.

Apparently conditioner is not very cooperative.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Man.. I was so upset. We walked out of Walmart and there was an owl in a tree. It was just sitting up there looking at all of us silly humans walking in and out of the store, and scaring the local Grackles into such a frenzy I was worried about bird poop bombardments. Of course! The one time I didn't have my camera was the one time when I could REALLY have used it. Sheesh. Well, we drove home, I ran inside and grabbed the camera, then ran back to Walmart (alone of course), but the little guy was long gone. Great. So I drove back home. Walked in the front door and Ashlyn asked if I got a picture of the owl. Nope. She handed me the following:

I have a great daughter.